5 Quick Tips Regarding cardinal Seeds best bird feeders

By | July 8, 2016

You will always get bird feeders for cardinal if you enjoy the beautiful birds that are amazing to see and hear around. It’s their color and friendly nature that makes people desires the birds and wants to have them around the gardens. No matter the level of interaction and experience, cardinals are easy birds to attract into your garden if you take the right practices and steps in place. The northern cardinal loves large seeds such a sunflower and safflower and also enjoy peanuts prices, fresh berries or cracked corn.

These food types attract squirrel and the best way to store the seeds is get a wide squirrel proof bird feeder that allows the sufficient room for the birds to perch while keeping away the squirrels.

Proof bird feeders for cardinals available

There different are a few different bird feeders for a cardinal to choose from, below is the top three best options.

  • No/No red cardinal bird feeder: its looks nice and good for cardinals, it’s shaped like cardinals with bright read just like the birds and has metal construction, large capacity. Wide feeding area
  • The brome 1024 squirrel buster: it’s perfect for winged friends and a top pick for cardinal and with features including squirrel proof, an adjustable setting for different bird size, easy to clean as it’s easy to dismantle and put back together.
  • The perky-pet copper panorama cardinal feeder: it’s a nice copper colored bird feeder, it’s fairly expensive but the cardinal will absolutely love offering features such as easy to clean and assemble, large capacity

Quick Tips Regarding cardinal Seeds

You are getting ready to start feeding the cardinal. It’s a great idea that you will love and enjoy immensely with one of the above proof bird feeders for cardinals and now we can try and choose the right sends.

There are a few tips in selecting the right sends making sure they attract the right bird species (cardinal) to your garden.

The right sunflower seeds

Birds love sunflower seeds; however, if you opt for those make sure you have gotten the right variety for the cardinals. There two kinds of sunflower seed the black variety and the striped one. Black sunflower has a thin shell making it easy for the cardinals to get through offering a high fat, great nutritional choice for the birds and easy for proof bird feeders for cardinals. Striped sunflower will limit cardinal coming to your garden. More details here.

Dried corn- Do cardinal prefer this seeds?

It’s very common and rather inexpensive and loved by all birds; however attract foxes, raccoons, deer and squirrels as they offer a delicious snack. Corn at most time is contaminated by fungicides, thus toxic to the birds.

White millet prefers for migratory birds

The seed is used in moderation but a great snack for the birds. Preferred for sparrows during the migratory period and when they visit the garden.  The white millet will be scattered for the cardinal if you are using black sunflower seeds and used as a substitute.

Bring cardinal to your garden with safflower

Cardinals have a strong beak able to crack and eat some of the send that other birds can’t feed on. Safflowers seeds are ideal for attracting the birds, thus best for your proof bird feeders for cardinals.

Lastly, don’t forget to add raw peanuts in your proof bird feeders for cardinals. They are very popular to cardinal and other birds but attract squirrels. Always choose the unsalted variety and it’s known that the birds will take large quantity for the peanuts from the feeder and store them elsewhere. Getting good bird feeders squirrel is crucial when feeding peanuts to the birds. Enjoy cardinal on your garden.

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