Bird Feeders – Correct Placement for Cardinals

By | February 10, 2016

What qualities should a good bird feeder have? There are several varieties of bird feeders in the market today and therefore you need to be keen when choosing a bird feeder for your birds. The ideal bird feeders should have the ability to withstand squirrels because they threaten and eat the birds’ food. Good bird feeders should also have the ability to keep the seeds dry, be easy to clean and also easy to assemble.

The cardinals are loved by many and they are very good and friendly birds. These birds are named for their color because it resembles that of the catholic cardinal’s robe. They are commonly found in the arid Southwest, Eastern and Central States and also on the entire South.see great site from

It is very easy for you to attract a great number of birds to your home simply by having different varieties of feeders with different varieties of food. Sometimes you will find that there are more birds on one feeder than another and when you see this, it means that the feeder is efficient for them to use since they don’t strain to eat from it. These are certain characteristics or features that bird feeders for cardinals should have. Squirrels are a major issue to birds today which means that you need to be very selective and keen when looking for a quality bird feeder. Here are some of the ways in which you can attract cardinals onto your backyard:

The type of feeders and where they are placed

The cardinals are very simple birds and pleasing them is not as hard a task as you may think. If you provide the right food then you can be sure that the cardinals will be your first birds every morning and also during the late evenings. These fabulous birds also have a “mate feeding ritual” that happens in the spring. During this time you will see the male cardinal giving its female counterpart a carefully selected seed. They birds are ground feeders which means that they mostly feed on ground surfaces. They therefore feed on wooden platform feeders, such as the open platform, fly through and the hopper.


This is another important aspect that should be looked at if you want the cardinals to be secure and comfortable. What you need to know about these birds is that they do not use the nest boxes.view more information here!

Use cardinal alerts to protect cardinals

The male cardinals are often fond of scaring one another or their competitors and the cardinal alerts help prevent this from occurring.

Bird Feeders


There are different varieties of seeds that birds use and these seeds differ from one type of bird to another and this is because of their different feeding habits. There are specific seeds that the cardinals feed on and some of them include the safflower, black oil sunflower and sometimes a mixture of the two. Ensure you know the right seeds that you should put for the cardinals if you want to attract them.

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