How to bring cardinal birds to your feeder.

By | March 16, 2018

It’s great when all sorts of bird species come flocking to your squirrel proof bird feeder during the fall and spring times. But one of the best birds to come should be the cardinal bird species. They’re a bright red-and-blue, conspicuous and large seed-eating bird. They were named for the cardinal-looking crest by the original American colonists in the 1600s. But how do you get one of these birds to come to your feeder? We tell you more here for your bird feeder for cardinals.

The type of environment and facilities affect your bird feeder for cardinals

Here are some tips to improve your bird feeders for cardinals. A stationary, permanent or non-moving bird feeder, ideally close to trees and shrubbery is an ideal sanctuary for cardinals. Have some water near or in the feeder- or buy a bird bath to put next to the feeder. You’ll need to scrub the bath clean weekly to remove any growing algae or moss and to remove stale water.

Squirrel proof bird feeders work wonders to bring in cardinals

You’ll also want to have a squirrel proof bird feeder to detract any larger animals from feeding off the feeder. There are a few ways to attract cardinal birds to your feeder whilst being able to get rid of squirrels at the same time.

Types of squirrel proof bird feeders

One way would be to install a feeder that sends a small electric shock to any animal bigger than a bird. This works especially against squirrels and raccoons, and they do learn to stay away. It’s a light shock of 8 volts.

Another type of squirrel proof bird feeder you can get is a weight sensitive one. Anything weighting more than four pounds will trigger the feeder. It automatically shuts off access to the seeds to any heavy birds and squirrels, but still lets smaller birds like jays and cardinals to feed off it.

If you have a bird feeder for cardinals on a pole near shrubbery or trees, cover the pole in a baffle, a device used to physically stop squirrels from climbing up or jumping onto the feeder.

The type of food you have will affect chances of attracting cardinals

Cardinals are seed eaters, so ideal you want to have seeds in your squirrel proof cardinal bird feeder. Put in black sunflower and safflower seeds as cardinals love these kinds of seeds. During the winter months, it’s advisable to leave some suet feed. This is animal fat mixed with their favorite seeds. Leave it on the floor rather than your squirrel proof bird feeders as they’re actually ground feeders. This will be better for you also as it’ll be easier to clean.


With a few tips and tricks you can get your bird feeder to be both squirrel deterrent and cardinal friendly. Make sure your bird feeder for cardinals is close to trees and shrubbery and lay some water or birdbath for them. Ensure it is a squirrel proof bird feeder, install a weight sensitive or electric one to bring in the right kind of animals. Have black sunflower and safflower seeds for the cardinals.

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