Little Known Ways to Successfully Setup Your Proof Bird Feeders

By | February 10, 2016

If you realize that your backyard has squirrels what should you do? Sometimes squirrels are able to get to the birds feeders earlier enough before the birds come and so they can eat all the feed meant for the birds leaving the birds to starve. Making birds feeders squirrel proof is very important as this will ensure that the feeds meant for the birds are safe.

If you have a backyard that has several squirrels then ensure that you have squirrel proof bird feeders so that you can reduce the chances of the birds’ food being taken away. When it comes to cold months these pesky squirrels can try all means to ensure that they get this food since it’s the only source. Ensure your backyard is safe so that these birds can benefit exclusively and you can only ensure this by purchasing feeders that are squirrel proof.visit site!

Ways of making your bird feeders squirrel proof

Making your bird feeder to be squirrel proof can sometimes be a challenge especially if you don’t have knowledge on how to deal with such a situation. There are some things that you need to know or to keep in mind so that you can secure you birds’ feed. First you have to look at the best place where you can put your feeder so that the squirrels cannot access the food. In this case ensure you hang the feeders in high places and they should poles that are large so that it can be easy to mount the feeders. Ensure that squirrels cannot be able to reach the food.

The type of feeder that you purchase should be squirrel proof. The feeders of today are made in a way that they are have screens that assist in preventing the squirrels from reaching and eating the seeds. If you purchase such a feeder then you can place your feeder anywhere even in your backyard without any fear because the squirrels cannot reach the feeders. Preventing squirrel attacks is very beneficial as it enables the birds to feed well. go to website from–1552079391.html

Proof Bird Feeders

Have you ever wondered why some feeders are covered or topped with a big dome of plastic pipe? It’s simply because they help in preventing the squirrels from reaching or invading the feeders. The logic behind this dome of plastic is quite simple. When the squirrel will try to climb the suspension lines or the poles it will baffle them preventing the invader from eating the birds’ feed. Some squirrels are very clever enough because they can be able to spill all the seeds on the ground especially if they are hungry.

Another approach in solving the problem between the birds’ food and the squirrels is by utilizing the food that squirrels don’t like. In this way the squirrels will come and find that the food in a tray and it isn’t suitable for them and therefore they won’t eat them. Also apply grease or oil on the poles so that the squirrels cannot climb the poles when looking for the bird feed.

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