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Why taking care of birds habitats matters

Pedaling, climbing and bathing in a waterfall. A day at the park can be for all tastes. Thinking about it, having squirrel proof bird feeder can be quite helpful, especially if you are into bird watching.  The passion for birds is not of today. For many of us, it started there in childhood, on vacation at the countryside or even just in our dreams. The activity leaves a lot of valuable information for the parks. In addition to having fun and being happy in their leisure time, the observer generates scientific information. He leaves a list of recorded birds and this also says a lot about the park. When we have places with squirrel proof bird feeders we are able to enjoy the birds way more.

The birds are extremely didactic and easy. If we go out on the street now, we will see at least three species of birds. In addition, they respond very well to any change in the environment, so they work like a thermometer. The presence of a species may indicate if the site is heavily urbanized or if the area is degraded, for example. Having … Read more...

How to Deter Squirrels from Bird Feeders

Despite their cuddly nature, squirrels can be a real nuisance in your life if they’re a regular visitor. They can uproot your crops, pester other animals in your household, and even get into your bird feeders and homes if you’ve got one.

While they’re a menace and it can be jarring to have to deal with this problem for the first time, there are plenty of options to deter your furry invaders.

Try Different Feeds

Before you go about buying or constructing a squirrel proof bird feeder, a quicker solution might be to simply use a different kind of feed. Perhaps the current stock you use is particularly tempting to squirrels, and changing the feed might make them less likely to return or even attempt to steal any in the first place!

For instance, birds will love seed based stocks, such as safflower seeds – but squirrels are completely disinterested in the stuff!

You may hear a small tip from an irate bird lover, but we strongly recommended that you don’t do this – that is to add chili powder or capsaicin based products to whatever feed your using. … Read more...