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Why taking care of birds habitats matters

Pedaling, climbing and bathing in a waterfall. A day at the park can be for all tastes. Thinking about it, having squirrel proof bird feeder can be quite helpful, especially if you are into bird watching.  The passion for birds is not of today. For many of us, it started there in childhood, on vacation at the countryside or even just in our dreams. The activity leaves a lot of valuable information for the parks. In addition to having fun and being happy in their leisure time, the observer generates scientific information. He leaves a list of recorded birds and this also says a lot about the park. When we have places with squirrel proof bird feeders we are able to enjoy the birds way more.

The birds are extremely didactic and easy. If we go out on the street now, we will see at least three species of birds. In addition, they respond very well to any change in the environment, so they work like a thermometer. The presence of a species may indicate if the site is heavily urbanized or if the area is degraded, for example. Having … Read more...

How to bring cardinal birds to your feeder.

It’s great when all sorts of bird species come flocking to your squirrel proof bird feeder during the fall and spring times. But one of the best birds to come should be the cardinal bird species. They’re a bright red-and-blue, conspicuous and large seed-eating bird. They were named for the cardinal-looking crest by the original American colonists in the 1600s. But how do you get one of these birds to come to your feeder? We tell you more here for your bird feeder for cardinals.

The type of environment and facilities affect your bird feeder for cardinals

Here are some tips to improve your bird feeders for cardinals. A stationary, permanent or non-moving bird feeder, ideally close to trees and shrubbery is an ideal sanctuary for cardinals. Have some water near or in the feeder- or buy a bird bath to put next to the feeder. You’ll need to scrub the bath clean weekly to remove any growing algae or moss and to remove stale water.

Squirrel proof bird feeders work wonders to bring in cardinals

You’ll also want to have a squirrel proof bird feeder to detract any larger … Read more...

Is A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Necessary?

Bird feeders squirrel proof they really have become a necessity in many back gardens and yards. The trouble is squirrel go looking for food sources and when they come across a bird feeder they think it’s easy pray and use all the food from there. However, this means the birds aren’t fed and they may find it extremely tough to find out sources of food. You don’t want squirrels coming into and out your garden with bird food, so, opting for a squirrel proof bird feeder would be an excellent idea. Read on and find out how to make your bird feeder more squirrel proof.

What Is A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?

These types of feeders are very much like a standard feeder with the exception that they come with a cage and a few openings. The openings are designed for bird use and are usually only big enough for a bird to get through them. That means the squirrels cannot really get through and that means they cannot get to the food set out for the birds. These feeders are useful tools and are highly sought after as well. … Read more...

5 Quick Tips Regarding cardinal Seeds best bird feeders

You will always get bird feeders for cardinal if you enjoy the beautiful birds that are amazing to see and hear around. It’s their color and friendly nature that makes people desires the birds and wants to have them around the gardens. No matter the level of interaction and experience, cardinals are easy birds to attract into your garden if you take the right practices and steps in place. The northern cardinal loves large seeds such a sunflower and safflower and also enjoy peanuts prices, fresh berries or cracked corn.

These food types attract squirrel and the best way to store the seeds is get a wide squirrel proof bird feeder that allows the sufficient room for the birds to perch while keeping away the squirrels.

Proof bird feeders for cardinals available

There different are a few different bird feeders for a cardinal to choose from, below is the top three best options.

  • No/No red cardinal bird feeder: its looks nice and good for cardinals, it’s shaped like cardinals with bright read just like the birds and has metal construction, large capacity. Wide feeding area
  • The brome 1024 squirrel buster:

Foolproof Tips on How to Keep Squirrels Out Of Birdfeeders

Squirrel proof bird feeders are important when it comes to keeping the squirrels away. However, a lot of people don’t know how to stop the squirrels from getting to the bird feeders and taking the food. Though, there are many simple but effective and very human ways in which you can keep the squirrels away from the birdfeeders. The following are a few tips to consider.

Using Bird Feeders Squirrel Proof

The first and simplest method for you to consider must be using squirrel proof bird feeders. These are not only great but very affordable as well. Usually the squirrels cannot get to the food meaning they are less likely to return making it safe for the birds to take the food instead. There are a huge variety of bird feeders which are squirrel proof and they can be very inexpensive also. You might want to consider using one of these if you want to keep the squirrels out.

Consider a Collar

Squirrel collars are really some of the very best options to help keep the squirrels away. These are simple items; it is a cone shaped collar which is … Read more...

Top 5 Bird Feeders for the Backyard

Feeding birds is an easy thing although getting started is a challenge to many of us. What you should know is that taking care of these our feathered friends is very important especially if you are bird enthusiast. Sometimes you can find birds that are sick or injured in one way or the other and when you find such a thing ensure that you keep them in your home until the time when they are healthy so that they can fly away.

For birds to feed well you must have squirrel proof bird feeder because it will assist you to feed the birds and reduce chances of their food being eaten away. It is also important to note that the feeding requirements for birds differs from one bird to another. A large variety of birds are usually attracted to different feeding styles and habits. Here are the top five bird feeders for even small backyards:

Ground feeders

Ground bird feeders are very important for birds such as the juncos, doves, sparrows and many others. The ground foraging birds find it easy to use them and these feeders are perfect for … Read more...