Top 5 Bird Feeders for the Backyard

By | February 10, 2016

Feeding birds is an easy thing although getting started is a challenge to many of us. What you should know is that taking care of these our feathered friends is very important especially if you are bird enthusiast. Sometimes you can find birds that are sick or injured in one way or the other and when you find such a thing ensure that you keep them in your home until the time when they are healthy so that they can fly away.

For birds to feed well you must have squirrel proof bird feeder because it will assist you to feed the birds and reduce chances of their food being eaten away. It is also important to note that the feeding requirements for birds differs from one bird to another. A large variety of birds are usually attracted to different feeding styles and habits. Here are the top five bird feeders for even small backyards:

Ground feeders

Ground bird feeders are very important for birds such as the juncos, doves, sparrows and many others. The ground foraging birds find it easy to use them and these feeders are perfect for use to those birds that are more opportunistic including the jays and the cardinals. These feeders reduce the chances of finding the bird seeds on the ground and therefore reduce spoilage. They are said to be more sanitary, easy to dispose the shells and also easy to keep off debris from the ground.view more tips here!

Suet bird feeders

These are also other very important feeders for the backyard. The suet can be from your local meat market or commercial suet. When these feeders are put near the trees they attract brown creepers, chickadees, nut hatches and many other woodpeckers. During the spring and the summer months the suet is usually on high demand. The suet is particularly meant for birds that like the tree trunk zone.

Nyjer thistle

The Nyjer thistle attracts birds from the finch family, such as the goldfinch, purple finch, house finch, pine siskin and many others. This feeder apart from being attractive to some birds it also has a quality finch mix. They function well when placed near trees that have lower branches or near small bushes. The feeders are from materials such as steel, polycarbonate, PVC, wood; acrylic and many others but the polycarbonate tubes and the PVC have a guarantee that is of lifetime.

Platform bird feeders

The platform bird feeders are also very useful feeders for the backyard. They are no-exclusive bird feeders because they do not exclude any bird. They are made in such a way that the large and small birds are able to access the food. This is one of the bird feeders that is known to be very versatile, they are available in a variety of materials and are durable, can be mounted or hung on the walls and they are also excellent bird feeders with such foods as meal worms, peanuts in the shell and fruits. They are also squirrel proof bird feeders.see post at for more info.

Bird Feeders for the Backyard

Hopper bird feeders

This is an all-round feeder because of its ability to attract both the small and the large backyard feeder birds. It is also a non-exclusive feeder and is preferred on areas that are large and that are covered with ice or snow.

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